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Scag Commercial Equipment
Exmark Commercial Equipment

Scag Velocity Plus Cutter Deck

Scag cutter decks have always been the envy of the industry. Now, they just took another leap forward. Here's how it works: The cutter deck is 5" deep for enhanced vacuum and mulching ability. The front, Custom-Cut™ Baffle, is adjustable to provide an extra level of cutting performance not available anywhere else. This baffle allows grass to stand up before the blade precisely cuts it. It prevents grass from getting bent over and missing the path of the cutter blades. Even tall, wiry grasses are cut clean, reducing "stringers" and double cutting.  The Velocity Plus™ cutter deck delivers the unmatched power, precision, and performance professionals demand. This revolutionary deck design delivers high velocity discharge, plus a beautiful manicured cut, even at faster ground speeds. A redesigned cutting chamber and larger discharge opening provide even greater cutting performance with maximum clipping dispersal in any conditions. The Velocity Plus™ cutter deck is available in 48", 52", and 61" widths on Scag walk behinds, V-Rides, and zero turn riders. 
Strength? Scag's tough cutter blade spindles and tri-plate construction ensure solid performance and long life. A replaceable trim side wear pad protects deck from damage. 
Productivity? An extra large discharge opening, along with the redesigned turbo baffle, enhance discharge for even clipping dispersal.  The need for double cutting is virtually eliminated. 
Flexibility? The Velocity Plus™ cuts everything from fine grasses to tough weeds. The Custom-Cut™ baffle system allows you to customize the deck to your individual conditions for even more productivity. 
Here's how it works: The cutter deck is 5" deep for enhanced vacuum and mulching ability. The front, Custom-Cut™ baffle, is adjustable to provide an extra level of cutting performance not available anywhere else. This baffle allows grass to stand up before the blade precisely cuts it. It prevents grass from getting bent over and missing the path of the cutter blades. Even tall, wiry grasses are cut clean, reducing "stringers" and double cutting. The volumous cutting chamber and additional baffling under the deck aids in the even, wide spread of clippings from the discharge chute. The discharge chute is made from a tough, flexible plastic that will not dent or bend like metal. 
  • Up to nine (9) anti-scalp rollers in seven (7) different, strategic locations around the cutter deck provide maximum turf protection. 
  • Front baffle chamber stands the grass up before being cut by the blades. This enables the Velocity Plus™ deck to cut taller grasses faster and better than any other cutter deck on the market. 
  • The Velocity Plus™ deck design delivers superior clipping dispersal. 
  • The turbo baffle increases discharge velocity, throwing grass clippings and debris farther away from the cutter deck. This promotes a more even distribution of clippings, reducing "clumping" and "wind rowing". 
  • All Scag mowers utilize the strongest cutter blade spindles in the industry featuring cast iron housings and dual tapered roller bearings. Nobody builds a more durable, longer lasting, reliable cutter deck spindle. 
  • Super rigid, tri plate deck construction results in a nearly 1/2" thick steel cutter deck top, which is the strongest in the industry. The cutter deck shell is 7 gauge with a top layer of 10 gauge and lower baffle layer of 11 gauge for reinforcement.  Why would you settle for a single piece of steel? We are so confident of the strength of this cutter deck, we stand behind it with a 3-year "no crack" warranty. Turf Tiger and Sabre Tooth Tiger mowers feature a 3/4" square, solid steel bar welded to the inside-front edge of the cutter deck. This helps prevent damage from impacts, etc. (61" deck utilizes a 10 gauge deck top, 7 gauge deck skirts, a 7 gauge top support plate and 11 gauge plate welded inside the deck.) 
  • Custom-Cut™ Baffle System allows you to customize the cutter deck baffling to your specific conditions. Nobody else gives you this kind of flexibility. 
  • Replaceable trim side wear pad protects the deck and landscaping from scraping and impact damage.
  • More productivity. Cut more grass in less time!  Less double cutting, even in the toughest grass conditions! 
  • One deck can cut everything from fine grasses to tough weeds!

The green arrows display the unrestricted, straight discharge path the Velocity Plus Deck delivers. This allows the grass clippings to be discharged farther away from the deck and in a wider pattern.

The blue arrows show how the Turbo Baffle and discharge blade fan the grass outward for a more even dispersal pattern.


SCAG Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck Features

Velocity Plus™ Deck

Custom Cut Baffle

Trim-Side Wear Pad

Tri-Plate Deck Design

Z-Spray Ride On Sprayer Spreaders

Z-Spray Lean to Steer (LTS)
LIQUID CAPACITY 20 Gallon Spray System
FUEL CAPACITY 1.85 Gallons
DIMENSIONS 35.5" Wide- 67.5" Length - 51.5" Height
WEIGHT 500 lbs.
ENGINE Single Cylinder Kohler Electric Start Engine
Z-Spray LTS

Z Turf Equipment presents the innovative and compact Z-Spray LTS Stand-On Spreader Sprayer. The LTS spreader sprayer will take your application program to the next level, boosting productivity and providing unmatched ease of operation. The Z-Spray LTS spreader sprayer offers unmatched performance for its size and maneuverability due to our advanced lean-to-steer technology. Have confidence in the Z-Spray LTS and its spray system to endure season after season. Durable ceramic air induction nozzles provide low drift application even in windy conditions. Our high-grade corrosive- resistant stainless steel chassis further increases the longevity of your turf equipment investment. You can also count on the 9.5 HP Kohler engine to keep you moving at a ground speed up to 5.5 MPH.  Spread and spray widths are easy to adjust on the Z-Spray LTS to apply liquid and granular materials precisely. Choose between a narrow spray of up to 5ft or a wide spray of up to 11ft. The spray system features nozzles that can shut off immediately, giving you the control to apply the correct chemicals to the turf. With a 1.59-gallon fuel capacity and a 20-gallon tank for materials, the LTS keeps you riding longer in-between fill-ups. This nimble piece of turf equipment presents a gate width of just 36'', allowing landscape professionals and do-it-yourselfers to tackle any project, big or small.

For added efficiency, consider adding an array of accessories for your spreader sprayer turf equipment, including a 15- or 30-foot hose and tray, anti-siphon assembly, multi-purpose bag, spray wand, hopper screen, and an assortment of colored spray nozzles.
Promo Price $13,499.00

Z-Spray Junior 36
LIQUID CAPACITY 24 Gallon Spray System
RATE PRODUCTION 96,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
DIMENSIONS 35.5" Wide- 73" Length - 50" Height
WEIGHT 7760 lbs.
ENGINE 16hp Commercial V-Twin - Electric Start
Z-Spray Junior 36

Meet the all-new Z-Spray Junior 36-inch zero-turn stand-on spreader sprayer. Reengineered from the ground up to be more productive, durable, and easy to use, the Z-Spray Junior is the best choice for applications on tight residential spaces where maneuverability is key. The new bi-directional boom breaks away both forward and back in the event of an impact, significantly reducing the chance of boom damage.  Z-Spray Junior is small enough to fit through a 36-inch gate, but with spray widths of up to 8ft and adjustable spread widths from 3ft to 25ft, it can easily tackle larger jobs as well. Powered by a 16 hp Vanguard engine with a 20/50 charging system, the Z-Spray Junior is capable of simultaneously granular and liquid materials applications at up to 8 7 mph, with zero-turn maneuverability.  Centrally located controls sit at the operator’s fingertips for easy reach, and the spray wand has been moved to the right side of the machine for easier access. The patented foam marker activator starts and stops the pump and foam marker simultaneously whether using the toe switch or rocker switch on the control panel (foam marker is an optional accessory).  The new, lower center of gravity design places the operator between the drive wheels, with the heaviest components placed centrally, low in the stainless-steel frame. This maximizes stability and machine balance regardless of the amount of material onboard. The new bi-directional spray boom pivots both forward and back when impacted, so the boom is much less likely to be damaged. The new tank design drains more completely, so less material is left over in the tank, and a tools-free tank drain eases draining the tank. A patent pending flip-up hopper eases access to the engine for service, while a patented magnetic operator pad is easy to remove for access to the spray chart, or for maintenance.

A wide range of accessories are available for the Z-Spray Junior, to customize it for your specific needs. Accessories include a 2 gal foam marker, LED light kit, hose reel kit, 7-gallon auxiliary and isolated tanks, a 20-gallon auxiliary tank and vibratory hopper motor.
Promo Price $22,199.00

Z-Spray Mid
LIQUID CAPACITY 30 Gallon Spray System
RATE PRODUCTION 120,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
DIMENSIONS 46" Wide- 73" Length - 50" Height
WEIGHT 890 lbs.
ENGINE 16hp Commercial V-Twin - Electric Start

Z-Spray Mid
The all-new Z-Spray Mid 46-inch zero-turn stand-on spreader sprayer strikes the perfect middle ground of maneuverability and productivity for turf care professionals. At 46-inches, it’s narrow enough to fit into gated communities, but with a 250 lb. hopper and 40-gallon tank capacity, it can easily tackle larger urban and municipal jobs.  An isolated operator platform and contoured operator pad work with logical, easy to use controls to make Z-Spray Mid an easy machine to operate productively all day, all season. Choose from 2ft, 4ft, 6ft or 8ft spray patterns, and spread widths of up to 25-feet, with the ability to simultaneously apply granular and liquid materials simultaneously at up to 8 mph. A 75-foot hose reel provides extended access for spraying tight spaces.
The new low center of gravity design places the heaviest components low in the corrosion resistant stainless-steel frame. The new bi-directional spray boom pivots both forward and back when impacted, so the boom is much less likely to be damaged. The new tank design drains more completely, so less material is left over in the tank, and a tools-free tank drain eases draining the tank. When combined with our patented locking front caster wheels and wide, 24-inch drive tires, the Z-Spray Mid is stable, maneuverable, and easy to handle on almost any turf.

We offer a wide range of accessories to customize the Z-Spray Mid to your specific needs. Available accessories include a 2-gallon foam marker, 30-gallon auxiliary tank, vibratory hopper motor, LED light kit, 7-gallon ISO tank, 7-gallon auxiliary tank and more.
Promo Price $22,999.00

Z-Spray Max
LIQUID CAPACITY 60 Gallon Spray System
RATE PRODUCTION 240,000 (sq. ft. / fill )
DIMENSIONS 52" Wide- 73" Length - 50" Height
WEIGHT 940 lbs.
ENGINE 16hp Commercial V-Twin - Electric Start


Z-Spray Max
When you’re ready to take your application productivity to an entirely new level, the all-new Z-Spray Max is ready to deliver. With a massive 250-pound hopper and 60-gallon tank capacity (two 30-gallon tanks), Z-Spray Max gives you the ability to simultaneously apply liquid and granular materials with unmatched speed and efficiency. This makes it ideal for a wide range of jobs, from mid-size residences to the largest commercial and municipal accounts.
The new corrosion-resistant stainless-steel chassis is designed for a lower center of gravity to enhance stability and maneuverability in any conditions, regardless of the materials on-board. The new bi-directional spray boom pivots both forward and back when impacted, so the boom is much less likely to be damaged. The new tank design drains more completely, so less material is left over in the tank, and a tools-free tank drain eases draining the tank. The patented flip-open hopper eases hopper cleaning and makes for access to the engine for service.  Choose 2ft, 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft spray widths, and up to 25ft spread widths for precise application and maximum productivity on any property. A contoured operator pad and isolation mount-equipped operator platform provide all-day operator comfort, while logical, easy to reach controls make it an easy machine to get to know.

We offer a wide range of accessories for Z-Spray Max, including 7-gallon ISO and Auxiliary tanks, a 30-gallon auxiliary tank, 2-gallon foam marker, vibratory hopper motor, LED light kit and more.
Promo Price $23,599.00

Stinger Lawn Renovation Equipment
Super Seeder - Overseeder

Model HS 45

Only $5,520

Super Seeder 2400
ENGINE 13 HP Honda GX390
SPEED 4 MPH forward/2 MPH Reverse
WEIGHT 330 Lbs
Quick - Easy change slicing blades


Walk Behind Aerators

Model HS 45
Only $4,300 19" or Only $4,600 25"
Walk Behind EZ-Aer Aerators
ENGINE 7 HP Kohler CV224
SPEED 4 MPH forward Hydrostatic drive
WEIGHT 19" 225 Lbs / 25" 255 lbs
Folding handles, Multiple lifting points
Model HS 45

Only $5,520

Dual Aerator - Hydrostatic Drive
ENGINE 13 HP Honda GXV390
SPEED 5 MPH forward / 2 MPH Reverse
WEIGHT 370 Lbs
Aerate up 53,856 square feet per hour

Ride On Aerators
Model HS 45Model HS 45

30" Only$13,400 w/o seed box or $15,600 with seed box
36" Only$15,995 w/o seed box or $18,746 with seed box

QA3000 Ride on Aerators
ENGINE 30" Kawi FS651V / 36" Kawi 
SPEED 7 MPH forward/3 MPH Reverse
AERATION SPEED 30" up to 2 acres per hour
36" up to 3.5 acres per hour
WEIGHT 30" - 960 Lbs / 36" - 1400 Lbs
NO Chains direct drive machine


Exmark or Toro Turf Revitalizing Equipment
(Formerly Lawn Solutions equipment)

20" Slit/Over Seeder
Durable, lightweight and easy to use, new Toro slit seeders handle like a self-propelled push mower. Operators can make a tight turn — even on hills — with only one hand. The variable-speed drive system operates in forward and reverse.  All models are constructed of solid 11-gauge steel for maximum durability. Blades are made of high-carbon, heat-treated spring steel that can handle abuse without chipping or bending.  A large 40 lb. capacity seed mixer regulates seed delivery based on ground speed for even application.
30" Stand-On
The 30" stand-on model boasts a powerful Kawasaki V-Twin engine with integrated hydraulics that follow the contours of the ground to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground. It applies up to 1,200 lbs. of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5" cores, and operators can finely tune the hydraulic system to pull any length of plug on the fly. Electronic foot pedal controls also allow the operator to raise and lower the tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers without taking their hands off the controls. In addition, the floating operator platform isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride.
Ride-On Sprayer / Spreader
 There's never been anything like it.
Exmark's stand-on spreader sprayer is the industry’s most advanced, most innovative design. This versatile, easy-to-operate, easy-to-maneuver machine offers our most advanced lean-to-steer technology and outstanding stability. The sprayer system includes a 20-gallon tank and an agitation system; the seed hopper can hold up to 175 lbs. Adjustable spread and spray widths let you operate in a variety of terrains and conditions. 
For the complete line up of lawn care equipment -  CLICK HERE

The Power Rake performs the following functions:
  • Rough grading soil 
  • Finishing around newly poured walls 
  • Moving soil from piles
  • Windrowing rocks and debris 
  • Renovating lawns 
  • Reworking dead grass areas 
  • Preparing seed beds 
  • Leveling high spots in lawns 
  • Repairing damaged sod areas 
  • Dethatching turf 
  • Cutting for over seeding 

The Turf Teq Power Rake (a walk behind harley rake)
The Turf Teq Power Rake is a valuable time saving tool for all types of seedbed preparation, lawn renovation and raking jobs. With its compact design, the power rake can also go where tractor and skid steer mounted versions of this product can't go, and can do its job without damaging healthy turf. 
The power rake features a 36 inch wide drum, and the pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator position so that debris can be windrowed. The unit also features an on the go differential lock for exceptional traction and productivity.

Rough grade and move soil

Turn over patches of lawn or bare spots for over seeding

Prepare seed beds

One power head becomes many different attachments

Standard Equipment on all Turf Teq Brush Cutters:
  • 26 inch cutting width
  • Side shift deck
  • Mechanical clutch/brake
  • Side discharge
  • Replaceable skids
  • Adjustable mowing height
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Forward and reverse

  • Differential lock 
The Power Broom performs the following functions: 
  • Sweeping hardscape
  • Removing snow
  • Sweeping debris from turf
  • Dethatching lawns
  • Sweeping sand in pavers
  • Blossoming artificial turf
  • Installing and leveling filler in artificial turf

  • Cleaning sports fields 
Capabilities Available with the Multi-Use Power Edger:
  • Grooming existing planting beds
  • Edging infields/warning tracks
  • Edging sand traps on golf courses
  • Creating and re-defining beds
  • Trenching for laying irrigation, electrical lines, and more
  • Cutting a foundation for brick pavers
  • Preparing silt fence

  • Renovating lawns against sidewalks

Side shift deck to get under brush and fences.

Clears small and heavy brush.

Sweeps and cleans hard surfaces.

Clears snow.

Shown with optional lawn dethatching kit.

Cleans and dethatches lawns, clear acorns etc.

JRCO Products

JRCO front mounted Dethatcher attachment.  This unit comes in 46 or 60 inch widths and filts most any commercial walker or rider. JRCO fertilizer spreader fits most any commercial walker or rider, variable speed motor controls width of spread from 5 to 24 feet. JRCO blower buggy mounts any standard walk behind leaf blower onto your commercial walker or rider to increase productivity and speed. JRCO leaf plow mounts on most any commercial walker or rider and helps move large quantities of leaves fast and easily. The JRCO Zero-Turn Sprayer lets you use your existing mower as a turf
application vehicle. This 30 gallon uses a 3.5hp briggs engine and features a 10' hose for spot and shrub spraying

All JRCO attacments use the same universal mounting bar and move from one piece of equipment to another with just a couple of pins.

    W.E. Chapps Clean up bags
Attaches to the handlebars on all
Scag mid size mowers.
Two top straps secure with velcro fasteners or plastic quick release buckles.  Wide width and pleated botttom for extra storage.  Short length prevents bag from hitting the operator.  Velcro closure.
Specially designed for Scag
mid size hydros.
Two top straps attach around the handlebars with quick release buckles and elastic bottom straps attach under the rear deck.  This keeps the bag in a fixed position. It will not swing back! 
Specially designed for the Scag Turf Tiger and all Scag mid size walk behind mowers with the shift lever under the handlebars. The bags short length allows it to convientiently fit under the front of the seat on the Scag Turf Tiger . Accessory hip bag provides a separate place to carry needed 
items or to store trash.  Two straps fit around belt or through belt loops and secure with velcro fasteners.
velcro closure.

Bluebird equipment, Power Trim and Brown Bed Edgers
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