Colchester, Connecticut
Gano's Personnel
Frank Gargano is the owner of Gano's Power Equipment and a lifelong resident of Colchester. He started the business in 1971 and is still active in all day-to-day operations. Frank is a member of the Colchester Rotary Club and past president.  Frank is a walking book of knowledge in the power equipment industry and is known throughout the industry both regionally and nationally.  Frank is a collector of antique kerosene lamps.

Tony Gargano is the manager of Gano's Power Equipment and also a lifelong resident of Colchester. He has been in the business all his life and has exceptional  knowledge of the industry. Tony is a member of the Scag and DR. dealer council panels and is regionally and nationally known in the power equipment industry.  Tony plans to continue to grow the business into the future.

Larry  is the service manager at Gano's and brings a wealth of Power Equipment knowledge with him.  Larry has been with us for over 20 years, and he works all the counters and helps where needed.  Larry has many years experience in the power equipment field and is respected by many O.E.M manufacturers.  Larry is an avid Nascar racing fan.

Steve is the Parts Manager at Gano's. Steve has been with Gano's for 20 years, and his knowledge of the power equipment parts industry can't be matched by many.  In fact he has helped to design many programs and online warranty services offered by many top of the line manufacturers.  Steve is OPE Certified, Stihl Gold certified, and has excellent knowledge in the industry. 

Norm works in the parts department.  Norm has worked in the parts and equipment fields for many years.  He has great experience and will be happy to help out with your parts needs.

Sue is the office manager at Gano's and has been with us for 19 years. Sue is very active in the community. She is a member of The Order of Eastern Star as well as active in working with youth groups and church organizations.

Dennis (Lumpy) is the driver at Gano's.  Lumpy has been with us for 10 years and handles all of the road needs. He can be found out on demos, delivering and instructing people on proper usage and running of rental equipment or in your yard delivering any piece of equipment you may need.

Jim is the manager of The Rental Center owned and operated by Gano's Power Equipment and has been with The Rental Center for 12 years. Jim is very knowledgable to help on your project needs with his degree in construction.  Jim is an avid Nascar racing fan.

Bob is a mechanic at Gano's and has been with us for 17 years.  Bob is a Stihl gold certified technician and can handle any repair issues.  Bob can service any equipment and is excellent at electrical and generator repairs as well. Bob is an avid Nascar racing fan.

Ryan is a mechanic at Gano's and has been with us for 7 years.  Ryan works on the commercial equipment, is Kawasaki and Kohler factory trained, installs and works on the Fisher plows and sanders, and has recently graduated from Generac standby generator training.

Cody is the assembler and a mechanic at Gano's.  Cody builds all the new machines to make sure they properly set up and adjusted.  Cody is also a second driver for Gano's, and can be found doing many mechanic's duties, 
and all tasks at our shop.

Jason works with Jim at The Rental Center section of  Gano's.  He works on the rental equipment, as well as any and all tasks at our shop.

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