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Toro Turf Revitalizing Equipment
(Formerly Lawn Solutions equipment)
20" Slit Seeder
Durable, lightweight and easy to use, new Toro slit seeders handle like a self-propelled push mower. Operators can make a tight turn — even on hills — with only one hand. The variable-speed drive system operates in forward and reverse.  All models are constructed of solid 11-gauge steel for maximum durability. Blades are made of high-carbon, heat-treated spring steel that can handle abuse without chipping or bending.  A large 40 lb. capacity seed mixer regulates seed delivery based on ground speed for even application.
21" Single Hydro

This model features a unique hydraulic drive system that provides excellent maneuverability and ease of use — no need to raise the tines to turn the machine. A wide unibody frame with 10-gauge steel construction and outboard drive wheels give this machine a low center of gravity for excellent side hill stability. Plus, it’s compact enough to get into the tightest areas and can aerate in reverse to back out. Handles fold to make transport and storage a snap. Self-cleaning tines are capable of creating plugs up to 4" deep, depending on ground conditions.

30" Stand-On
The 30" stand-on model boasts a powerful Kawasaki V-Twin engine with integrated hydraulics that follow the contours of the ground to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground. It applies up to 1,200 lbs. of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5" cores, and operators can finely tune the hydraulic system to pull any length of plug on the fly. Electronic foot pedal controls also allow the operator to raise and lower the tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers without taking their hands off the controls. In addition, the floating operator platform isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride.

The Power Rake performs the following functions:
  • Rough grading soil 
  • Finishing around newly poured walls 
  • Moving soil from piles
  • Windrowing rocks and debris 
  • Renovating lawns 
  • Reworking dead grass areas 
  • Preparing seed beds 
  • Leveling high spots in lawns 
  • Repairing damaged sod areas 
  • Dethatching turf 
  • Cutting for over seeding 

The Turf Teq Power Rake (a walk behind harley rake)
The Turf Teq Power Rake is a valuable time saving tool for all types of seedbed preparation, lawn renovation and raking jobs. With its compact design, the power rake can also go where tractor and skid steer mounted versions of this product can't go, and can do its job without damaging healthy turf. 
The power rake features a 36 inch wide drum, and the pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator position so that debris can be windrowed. The unit also features an on the go differential lock for exceptional traction and productivity.

Rough grade and move soil


Turn over patches of lawn or bare spots for over seeding

Prepare seed beds

One power head becomes many different attachments

Standard Equipment on all Turf Teq Brush Cutters:
  • 26 inch cutting width
  • Side shift deck
  • Mechanical clutch/brake
  • Side discharge
  • Replaceable skids
  • Adjustable mowing height
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Forward and reverse
  • Differential lock 
The Power Broom performs the following functions: 
  • Sweeping hardscape
  • Removing snow
  • Sweeping debris from turf
  • Dethatching lawns
  • Sweeping sand in pavers
  • Blossoming artificial turf
  • Installing and leveling filler in artificial turf
  • Cleaning sports fields 
Capabilities Available with the Multi-Use Power Edger:
  • Grooming existing planting beds
  • Edging infields/warning tracks
  • Edging sand traps on golf courses
  • Creating and re-defining beds
  • Trenching for laying irrigation, electrical lines, and more
  • Cutting a foundation for brick pavers
  • Preparing silt fence
  • Renovating lawns against sidewalks 

Side shift deck to get under brush and fences.

Clears small and heavy brush.

Sweeps and cleans hard surfaces.

Clears snow.

Shown with optional lawn dethatching kit.

Cleans and dethatches lawns, clear acorns etc.

Brown Manufacturing
Engine GX160 5.5 HP Honda
Weight 90 pounds
Drive Double belt drive system w/ hand-actuated clutching
Points Tungsten carbide
Depths 2, 3, 4 inches
Rate Bed Edging: 65 ft. per minute
Overall Width 26 inches
Overall Height 52 Inches (operating configuration)
42 Inches (handle folded)
      ReDefiner Features and Benefits
    * 1 year limited warranty: Commercial and Rental
    * Up to 65 feet per minute, depending on soil conditions
    * Will produce a savings of 50% to 80% on time and labor
    * Handle can be folded for storage or transportation
    * Tricycle running gear
    * Very maneuverable; easy to load and unload
    * Rubber hood controls excavated dirt for less clean-up time

The TrenchMaster Model F-781H bededger with the bedmaster rotor is the ultimate tool for defining beds or installing plastic or steel edging. The 8hp
Honda engine provides the power needed to trench in the hardest clays and the steerable rear wheels make the fancy curves and tree rings easy. The 
model 781H  bededger performs the same functions as the F-702, but the extra horsepower makes the tougher jobs easier.

Perfect check shaped trench
for professional landscape bed
Tree ring bed defined by model
F-781H bededger using
bedmaster rotor.
Save 50 to 80% on time and labor while creating appealing professional landscape beds. 9" deep x 3" wide trench
dug by Model F-990H for
sprinkler system installation.

DR. Power Equipment
Compare our Prices and values to the Factories:
Our price is the Same as Factory's direct price
- plus -
* Our units are fully assembled and serviced.
* Our units are all tested and ready for you.
* We service what we sell.
* We can deliver if needed.
* We will show you how to properly operate your new purchase.
* $50.00 freight and set up charge vs factory freight of $159.00.
* We dispose of all crate materials for you.
When you own a DR power wagon you don't have to strain your back and muscles when carrying heavy loads, like you do with wheelbarrows and garden carts. The DR powers through rough
terrain, climbs steep slopes, and carries up to 800 pounds...and all you have to do is walk along behind it. 
Five models ranging from 6.25hp electric start, to 6.75hp in pull and electric start and the 6.75 hp Pro-package model.
Starting at Only $1,799.00
Whether you're trimming grass and weeds, mowing waist high field grass or cutting heavy brush, the DR  trimmer mowers make the job faster and easier than ever before. 
Six models to chose from, push & self propell, pull & electric start models available. 
Starting at only $449.99 pull start, up to
$1,299.99 for the self propel electric start
Even our smallest DR rapid feed chipperpacks twice the power of the “bargain brand” chippers you’ll find at department and hardware stores. That’s why the 11.5 premier can handle limbs up to 3-1/2" thick with ease. A big hopper means you can drop material in without having to prune off side branches. And most material will self-feed, instead of you needing to force-feed it through. You'll process limbs 2-3 times faster and with far less fatigue than with any other homeowner chipper. 
Starting at Only $2,199.00

 With the 16.50 pro model you’ll get 30% more chipping power than our premier model. That means you can chip larger branches, up to 4-1/2" thick and you can chip them faster. The pro model also features a pin hitch, for easy towing with a tractor or atv. It can also be fitted with our optional road towing package, for transporting on the road or highway. 
Thanks to an oversized hopper, this model handles branches with less side trimming, and most branches will self-feed without you having to push them through. The pro model features a top-discharge chute for easy collection of chips into a cart or onto a tarp. For more flexibility, we offer an optional extended discharge chute for easy discharge of chipped material into the bed of a pickup truck, over a fence, or into a woodlot and out of sight.
Only $2,799.00 pull start or
$2,999.00 electric start
For the biggest jobs and fastest performance, choose our top of the line 30.00 commercial model. With an engine that produces 18 HP and 30.00 ft. lbs. torque, this rugged chipper will quickly chip tough hardwood branches up to 5-1/2" thick even small whole trees! An extra wide hopper is the largest of any model we offer, so most limbs can be dropped in without pruning off side branches. Most material will self feed, so you don’t have to push it through, which will save you lots of time and energy. For transporting on the road or highway, the 30.00 commercial model can be used with the optional road towing package. An optional extended top discharge chute is also available, for easy discharge of chipped material into the bed of a pickup truck, over a fence, or into a woodlot and out of sight.  This model comes standard with a pin hitch for towing with a lawn tractor or atv. Also included is a top-discharge chute for easy collection of chips into a cart or into a tarp. 
NOTE: Shown with optional Extended Discharge Chute and Road-Towing Package. 
Top discharge model $3,999.00
3-Point hitch  DR chipper mounts on the back of your tractor so it  goes wherever you need it to quickly clearing your property of unsightly brush piles while leaving behind piles of valuable woodchip mulch. Powered by your tractor's engine the 3 point hitch DR chipper provides high production chipping performance to easily handle woody material up to 4-1/2" thick. In no time at all, you can get rid of storm damage to trees and mountains of brush while making your property more attractive and usable. weight: 185 lbs. Dimensions: 44"h x 30"w x 20"d. 
Tractor requirements: horsepower: 19hp minimum to 45hp maximum. Fits all category 0 or 1 three point hitches. Comes with quick-attach, completely shielded PTO shaft for 1-3/8" 6-spline PTO with clockwise rotation
3pt mount model $2,599.00

DR Field and Brush Mowers

The popular field and brush mower.
Reclaim your yard with the seven different models offered.

Click  HERE   for complete details and information.

Tired of cleaning road sand out of the yard by the street?
Acorn Problems?
Other yard clean up problems?
The Shindaiwa Power Broom is the tool for you, easily cleans up sand, rocks, acorns, mulch,
sawdust and much more without any damage to the lawn at all!
PS344 - Only $699.95

Shindaiwa RS76

Shindaiwa RS76S
Rugged 1 1/2 bag spreaders built
 with the durability you expect
 from Shindaiwa. 
 Season after season, rely on these
 heavy duty commercial spreaders to
 deliver material efficiently and
 accurately. The Shindaiwa RS76 and
 RS76S are tough units that are
 easy to operate while delivering
 material constantly, reliably and
This standard commercial unit 
Only $299.99

SP45BPE sprayer with 4.5 gallon capacity and industry-unique "Euro-style" tank design.
    * Weighs only 12.4lbs dry
* Maximum pump pressure is 90psi
    * Comfortable Grip Wand
    * Thick Shoulder Straps and Back Pad

Only $114.99

Rugged 1 1/2 bag spreaders built with the durability you expect from Shindaiwa. 
 Season after season, rely on these
 heavy duty commercial spreaders to
 deliver material efficiently and
 accurately. The Shindaiwa RS76 and
 RS76S are tough units that are
 easy to operate while delivering
 material constantly, reliably and
This stainless steel model
Only $399.99
Manicuring lawns is easy with Shindaiwa high-torque edgers.
 2-ring piston engines feature forced air cooling and vibration
 dampening. Superior balance reduces operator fatigue and
 improves performance. All-position diaphragm carburetor. Carbon steel helical gears.
LE242 model shown Only $359.99
Replacement Blade
 7-3/4" steel
 replacement edger
 blade bolts on in
 seconds. Fits all

    Blue Bird Equipment
Model BB550A.
The BedBug™ is the only tool you’ll need to design beautiful landscapes. Create seamless edges for beds around the house, pool or trees in a fraction of the time it would take
you to do by hand. 


The P18 lawn comber series features a modular platform that conveniently allows you to configure the unit as a lawn comber, seeder, or lawn comber with rear bagging capability to collect thatch.  Each model features easily interchangeable flail or delta blade "slicing" reels that enable you to conform to various grass and soil conditions.  The P18 lawn combers
let you cover an 18" wide swath in
one pass. They're more comfortable
to operate thanks to an ergonomically designed handle and padded grips which mounts to a 10-gauge steel chassis. 
Homeowners and pros who want a powerful, maneuverable, easy to transport aerator needn't look farther than the BlueBird H424. Twenty-four coring tines across a working width of nearly 18" help you aerate up to 20,200 square feet per hour! Two 36-pound removable front weights offer better balance and easy transport, while side handles allow for easy lifting when loading and unloading. The clutch lever is integrated into the folding handle and easy-to-use depth controls give you precise and consistent coring depths up to 3". Greater productivity, maneuverability, and a user friendly design. These are just a few of the outstanding features that make the H530A the easiest to use compact aerator. BlueBird's patented free wheeling outer tines system allows even inexperienced users to easily turn corners and aerate tight areas. Operators of the 530 appreciate its simple design and low maintenance costs.  A folding handle and a sturdy pneumatic front tire provide easy transport, while removable side weights offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration.
The S22B5DA Seeder is well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of the seed hopper and its folding handle. Having the seed hopper at the rear of the unit makes it easier to maneuver and ensures that the grass seed is not damaged during overseeding.The delta blades are an integral part of the S22 Seeder. Each blade is made of long lasting durable 12-gauge austempered steel that is angled with a beveled edge to cut slits into the ground 1 ½" apart. The cam dial selector located near the top of the padded ergonomic handle controls rate of seed deposit. The seed hole size is also adjustable to accommodate a broad range of grass seed With BlueBird's SG1114 and SG1314 stump grinders you can now remove stumps quickly and safely! This well-balanced design offers commercial power and high productivity. BlueBird's Stump Grinder maximizes cutting performance with its 14-inch diameter blade with carbide tipped teeth, offering a variable cutting depth up to 12 inches.
Operator fatigue is reduced with its ergonomic handle. The unique, adjustable handle has four height adjustment positions to ensure operator comfort and a safe stance during all stages of stump removal. 
Where there is turf to remove BlueBird's Sod Cutter will cut up the competition. An exclusive four-wheel drive transmission, a low center of  gravity, and an anti-vibration folding handle make the SC18 the smoothest and most stable sod cutter on the market. Users will appreciate the SC18's two cutting speeds, two transport speeds and power reverse when cutting over a variety of terrain. With its many user friendly features, including easy blade engagement, a depth adjustment knob and simplified gear controls, the SC18 is the easiest to operate and most productive sod cutter.

Model BT 45 AugerBT 45 Auger in Use
BT45 Earth Auger
Only $499.95 plus bit

Model BT 45 Drill
BT 45 Wood Drill in Use

BT45 Wood Drill
Only $499.95 plus bit

Small, specialized auger for mass flower plantings, small post 
and sign holes or deep root fertilization.
Dependable, powerful and lightweight Quad Power™, 2-cycle gasoline powered engine lets you work in places without electrical power.
 Features include: 
*Primer bulb and throttle lock for easy starting 
*Easy access air filter
*Electronic ignition
*Exclusive tool-less fuel cap 
*Compact, streamlined ergonomic design makes it easy to operate
*Anti-vibration system for comfortable use
*Tool-less chuck accepts 3”, 4”, 5” bits 
Gasoline powered, lightweight, powerful wood boring drill. Compact, streamlined ergonomic design makes it easy to operate and is ideal for building or repairing decks, bulkheads, fences,outbuildings, retaining walls and other structures where electricity is not available. 
   Dependable, powerful and lightweight Quad Power™, 2-cycle gasoline powered engine.Four function gearbox, with two forward speeds, neutral position as well as a reverse gear. 

Model FC 55HomeScaper Series FC 85 EdgerPro Series
Stihl FC56CE Edger
Powerful, lightweight edger for homeowners. Standard features include a heavy duty skid plate and an adjustable depth wheel, primer bulb
and starting throttle lock assure fast, reliable starts. 

Only $259.95

Stihl FC110 straight shaft edger uses the
31.4 cc professional series 4-Mix engine and solid shaft drive increase torque and transfer more power to the cutting blade. Three shoe clutch has 360o of clutch drum contact to reduce slippage. Other features include an adjustable depth wheel and an open guard to reduce clogging.

Only $499.95

Brinly Hardy Equipment
Brinly tow behind core plug aerators
  come in both 40 and 48 inch sizes.  The
  weight tray is fully enclosed and has a
  capacity of 200lbs.  The plugger units
   are individually serviceable and the
   sections rotate seperately to act as a
  differential in turns.  With a penetration
 of up to 3 inches these units are great for any lawn.
Brinly's dethatchers avaialable in 30,40  and 48" do a tough job, with a gentle touch. Over time your lawn will accumulate a layer of "thatch" – old grass clippings, and other small debris. Left on your lawn, this matted layer promotes disease and inhibits the penetration of water and nutrients.  Brinly rollers never rust or dent.
Designed with rounded end caps so 
they can't gouge or leave ruts in your 
lawn, Brinly rollers come with all steel powder coated handles and a two year warranty. Our popular push design holds 28 gallons of water and weighs in at 270lbs when full.
Brinly BST250 
  This 2.5cu ft, 125lb capacity broadcast
   spreader is designed to easily apply 
  Granular seed and chemical materials.
  Constructed of durable  rust resistant
     polyethylene, Brinly broadcast
spreaders stand up to even the most
 highly corrosive fertilizers, giving years of service.
Brinly polyethylene tow behind rollers come in 36 and 48 inch widths to keep you rolling over bumps, seed, and sod. Use Brinly rollers to erase the effects of frost heaves and mole holes, or to pack down newly sewn seed or sod.  Lighter to carry when empty, while also extremely durable and versatile, Brinly Rollers never rust or dent. 
Brinly BST350 
This 3.5cu ft, 175lb capacity broadcast spreader is the biggest Brinly offers and comes equipped with a spread pattern control feature that lets you decide how much and where to spread.  This is really
useful when going around driveways, flowerbeds, shrubs, etc. We even throw in a vinyl rain cover to protect your material from the elements! 
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