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Gano's Power Equipment carries the complete line of Performance
and Premier brand trailers.

We have open style landscape trailers from 4.5' x 9' to 7' x 18'.
* All trailers have full mesh tailgates
* Heavy duty axles
* Steel fenders
* Wood plank decking (Pressure treated decking optional)
* Landscape rails all the way around
* Tandem axle trailers standard with brakes
* Starting at Only $895.95

Gano's carries enclosed trailers by U.S. Cargo and American Hauler

Standard Features
Dexter Torflex Axle(s)
E-Z Lube Hubs w/Grease Zerks
Premium Radial Tires
White Directional Wheels w/Chrome
Steel Center Caps
Double Rear Doors
.030 Smooth Exterior Aluminum
Aluminum Exterior Fenders
Galvanized Roof
Mill Finished Aluminum Top Wrap
Available up to 32' length
Popular Options
Side Door
Roof Vent
Interior Dome Light
Spare Tire
Ramp door
Ladder Racks
Motorcycle Packages
Accessory Packages
Fast Pack

Enclosed Trailers by U.S. Cargo and American Hauler are also available 
customized for landscape use:
Today the Landscape Package Trailer includes the following features: Floors are framed on 12” centers instead of the two foot centers that used to be standard. With today’s heavy riding mowers, this has become more important to eliminate sag and premature failure of the trailer floor. All Landscape Package Trailers come with a triple tube extended tongue. With more landscapers upgrading their tow vehicles to Mason dumps and rack body trucks, standard tongues are too short, allowing the rear corners of wide trucks to hit the front of the trailers. A longer tongue prevents this from happening. Wolmanized treated floors inhibit
the growth of mold and mildew in the plywood floors, making them last longer.  A heavy-duty spring assist ramp has extra framing to hold 
up better under the weight of heavy riding mowers. In hilly areas, bottoming out and rear end dragging occurs when going up a steep driveway.
This problem is minimized by using 10 degree down axles lifting trailers an extra 2” off the ground.
The taillights used to be on the ramp doors. Machines would hit wires running to the ramp, and when the ramp was down, the lights would be hidden under the door, pointing at the ground. Today’s trailers have the light in the side doorframe, eliminating exposed wires and allowing motorists to see your four-way flashers when the trailer is parked with the ramp down. The landscape package also includes such standard features as 2-12 volt interior lights, a switch at the  side door and ramp door, a 3/4” plywood kickplate one foot up around the bottom of all the walls, 4 wheel electric brakes, a frame coated with Ziebart Z Tech rust protection, and the tongue and door frames coated with Ameriguard, an epoxy bedliner type material.

Gano's can customize a trailer for any need.  Below are more 
samples of popular options available:

Radio Rack Hose Bracket 2 Bay Co2 Bottle Wall Mount  Double Tray Caddie
Keeps radio and headset together. Hang on trailer, golf cart, tool box, any vertical surface. Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 1 3/4"  The hose hanging brackets neatly store all hoses in one handy spot. Makes shops and trailers look more professional.  A great way to convenietly store CO2 cylinders. Designed as a wall mount storage pouch that will keep bottles safe during transport. Fits 2" standard 10 oz. cylinders. Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 3 1/2" Deluxe Double Tray Caddie features not only two flip down trays for added work space, but two built in shelves for maximum storage. Trays fold in for secure transport. Two locking pins included. 30"L x 27"H x 5 1/2"W 


Combo Storage Cabinet  5 lb Nitrous Bottle Rack  Paper Towel Holder and Latex Gloves Dispenser  1, 2 or 3 Bay Helmet Shelf 
The top shelf holds up to nine aerosol cans. The middle shelf will store a number of quarts of oil, and it is also ideal for spray bottles. The bottom shelf provides a place for gallon containers. Same design as our large rack, but holds smaller 6" diameter 5 lb. nitrous bottles. Rack holds 4 bottles. Dimensions: 18 3/4" x 8" x 4 3/4"  Another way to keep you mess free and organized. A combination of a Pit Pal favorite-the paper towel holder and the new latex glove dispenser. Locate easily every time and save valuable work space by using wall storage If you need more space, use third bay to store additional helmet or gear. Dual underside garment racks provide even more storage! Dimensions: 42 3/4" x 12" x 15"

Hand tool rack Typical landscape equipment on racking Trailer shelving
Shovels, hay fork, and sledge hammer are stored in rake and shovel hooks. 
Lopper is hanging on round U hook.
A typical installation of a single row of horizontal E-Track 12" down from the top of the 
wall allows hanging of standard shovels, rakes, backpack blowers, hedge trimmers, 
and chain saws. Spare tire is up and out of the way on a spare tire mount
Shelving racks available to go either across the trailer or mount in line with the trailer.

Lighting kits also available for trailers

Exterior lighting on telescoping poles  Inside lighting options also available
Tele-lite's new Stainless Steel Poles are made with a smaller diameter. They fit where standard poles won't fit (e.g. extrusions). These poles are non-corrosive and will not rust. Stainless Steel poles come in a standard length of 4'. Custom lengths are available. Customize your interior with a selection of options, including aluminum walls, a choice of checkerboard, black marble, or aluminum tread plate flooring. A variety of cabinet configurations and lighting packages are available.

Many styles and options available, call for details.

Trailers are available in a variety of colors:

Custom Built Trailers, you want it, we can make it.

8 x 16 tandem axle, recessed side lights 8 x 16 , Honda EM5000IS generator on tongue

Gano's Power Equipment also carries a full line of Draw-Tite, Rigid Hitch, and Reese hitches to 
fit most any vehicle. We also offer complete installation and wiring.  Ask for more details.

Keeper Straps to Hold any Equipment down.

Gano's offers a full line of Keeper tie down straps to keep 
any and all equipment tied down safely. 

Trailer Racks and Accessories By Trimmer Trap Corporation

TT-1 trimmer rack, perfect for semi-pros and small contractors who only need to carry two trimmers, or a trimmer and a stick edger.

•Trimmer handle rest is on an angle so that  trimmer will not stay on the rack unless  latched.
•1/8" all welded steel construction includes  high grade mounting hardware and durable powdercoat finish.
•Locks trimmers individually with standard padlocks.
•Latch clips are secured to hinge with a lanyard to prevent loss.
•Mounts to open or enclosed trailers quickly and easily.
•Attaches to upper and lower rails of trailer creating much stronger mount than racks that attach  to the top rail only.

TT-1 Only $179.99

Whether you choose the "TT-2 "Original" (holds 3) or the
"TT-2 Pro 4" (holds 4) you will have peace of mind knowing your trimmers are protected from theft and damage, yet easily accessible.

Unlike other "wannabe copy cat" racks, the TT-2 can be loaded or unloaded in only two seconds. Trimmers are automatically latched and tightly clamped in place, completely eliminating any chance for operator error. There are no time consuming pins to fumble with or forget.

TT-2 original Only $299.99
TT-2 Pro 4 Only $359.99

Provides absolute security for your backpack blowers.

The BR-1 Single Backpack Blower Rack.  Simply hang blower on hook. the automatic latch with stainless steel spring positively secures the blower. Backrest has holes for attaching an optional stretch cord.
--or the--
DB-1 Dual Backpack Blower Rack
The "PRO's" choice. This is the blower rack to have when space and strength are important. The easy to use automatic positive latching is "Fast and Foolproof". Simply pull out the knob and raise the slide to load or unload blowers. Constructed using 1 1/2" steel tubing and heavy duty components, the DB-1 is rugged enough to stand up to years of heavy commercial use.

BR-1 Only $89.99
DB-1 Only $199.99

ST-2 STIHL BR Series Blower Rack
The ST-2 is the only rack designed specifically for the STIHL 500, 550 & 600 Series blowers without the bottom grate. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the "sliding lip" to, slide under the handle. Complete installation by pulling the ball knob on the rack and lowering the "sliding lip" over the blower. The blower is secured at the top and bottom and will not move around. 

•Extremely fast "in and out time."
•Locks with a standard padlock.
•Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence.
•Mounts to open or enclosed trailers and includes mounting hardware.

ST-2 Only $129.99

ST-3 STIHL Blower Rack
(New Style 350, 430 and 450 Only)

The ST-3 is the only rack designed specifically for the STIHL 350, 430 and 450 (New Style) blowers. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the "sliding lip" to, slide under the handle. Complete installation by pulling the ball knob on the rack and lowering the "sliding lip" over the blower. The blower is secured at the top and bottom and will not move around.

    Extremely fast "in and out time."
    Locks with a standard padlock.
    Heavy guage welded steel constructino is plated for corrision resistance.
    Mounts to open or enclosed trailers.

ST-3 Only $129.99

ST-4 STIHL Blower Rack
(Late Style 600 & 700 Series)
The ST-4 is the only rack designed specifically for the newer style STIHL BR 600 & 700 Series blowers with a black leaf grate on the bottom. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the "sliding lip" to, slide under the handle. Complete installation by pulling the ball knob on the rack and lowering the "sliding lip" over the blower. The blower is secured at the top and bottom and will not move around.

• Extremely fast "in and out time."
• Locks with a standard padlock.
• Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence.
• Mounts to open or enclosed trailers.

ST-4 Only $129.99

ST-5 STIHL Blower Rack
The ST-5 blower rack is the only single blower rack designed specifically to hold the STIHL BR-800 X and 800 C-E back pack blowers. Simply lower the blower onto the rack so that the “bent pin” on top of rack slides into the slot in the top of blower frame while simultaneously guiding the bottom of blower onto the hex couplers on the base plate. Note: There are recesses in the bottom of blower frame (where the straps attach) that engage the hex couplers. Blower should come to rest on the base plate and bent pin at the same time. Install the lynch pin into hole in the bent pin to secure blower.

    • Extremely fast "in and out time."
    • Locks with a long-shank padlock.
    • Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence.
    • Mounts to open or enclosed trailers.
    • Our RC-4 Rubber Clamp is perfect for securing the STIHL 800 series blower tubes. 

ST-5 Only $129.99

CR-3 Combination Rack

Most damage to handheld blowers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws occurs during, not use! The combination rack will increase the useful life of these tools by protecting them from the abuse they receive bouncing around in the backs of trucks and trailers.

•Extra heavy guage all welded steel  construction and durable powder coat finish. 
•Includes H.D. stretch cord to secure tool. 
•Mounts to open or enclosed trailers quickly and easily.

CR-3 Only $94.99

HT-1 Accessory Hand 
Tool Rack

Used in conjunction with either one of our trimmer racks the HT-1 is the low cost answer to storage of rakes, shovels, brooms, etc. Simple bolt on installation will fit all existing TrimmerTrap Trimmer Racks.
Also available for enclosed trailers.

•Adjustable width eases installation and includes assembly hardware. 
•Handle holder protects handles and mounts out of the way on the trailer floor or trailer top  rail. 
•Holds five tools out of harm's way yet easily accessible. 
•Durable powder coat finish.

HT-1 Only $139.99

WC-1 Cooler Rack

Bolt a WC-1 to your open or enclosed trailer or truck and secure any size cooler using the two,four foot long, one inch straps with cam lock buckles. One piece 3/16" steel construction

WC-1 Only $69.99

LH-1 Trimmer Line Holder

Neatly stores trimmer line out of the way yet accessibly. Tension on the spool prevents line from unwinding until you need it. Easily installed on the TT-1 and TT-2 Trimmer Racks or just about anywhere else. Holds most spool sizes.

LH-1 Only $39.99


KK-1 Kreeper Keeper Latch Down

This simple, yet ingenious device will eliminate expensive damage to your equipment by preventing it from rolling around in the truck or trailer. Its simple to install; simply attach the provided bracket to your mower or other equipment. Next install the connector pin assembly into the floor. Once the mower is in place you can raise the connector pin and slide it onto the mower bracket them secure it with a lynch pin. When not in use the connector pin recesses into the floor and out of the way.

•For added security against theft you can replace the lynch with a standard padlock.
•Extra heavy duty construction stands up to the rigors of daily use.
•Plated finish assures rust and corrosion resistance.
•Designed to work on varying floor thickness.
•Includes installation hardware.
•The botom of the mower deck can be up to four inches above the floor when the connector pin is  installed into a 1 1/2" floor

KK-1 Only $89.99

SR-1 Backpack Sprayer Rack

Backpack sprayers are difficult to deal with when not being used. They fall over and slide around in the back of your truck, spill, and get broken and run over by other equipment. The SR-1 will prevent all of these problems. Works for most Solo, Lesco, Echo sprayers, and more. Heavy gauge 1 1/2" square tube provides super strength. Plated finish resists chemicals.

SR-1 Only $94.99

HS-1 Hedge Trimmer Rack
The HS-1 will secure and protect both single and double edge hedge trimmers of any length. The vertical position uses less trailer space and stores the trimmer up and out of the way, preventing damage. Trimmers with blades 24 inches and longer can be locked in place by simply attaching a standard padlock to the blade. A "thru hole" for a locking pin can be used to secure shorter blades

HS-1 Only $94.99

MR-1 Multi-Use Trimmer Clamp
Every landscape contractor needs at least one MR-1 Trimmer Clamp. Quickly load or unload trimmers with the flip of a single lever. The adjustable spring loaded jaws, equipped with large rubber pads, clamp down for a tight, firm grip on almost any line trimmer or stick edger. The most important feature of the MR-1 is its versatility. The clamp and clamp stand are designed as separate parts, and are available separately. This enables you to inexpensively equip numerous pieces of equipment with clamp stands yet purchase only as many clamps as needed. By simply removing a single pin, the clamp can be removed from its stand and installed into a different stand. Go from one mower to another or to a work bench in the shop. You can even install a clamp stand to your truck or trailer to be used when working on trimmers. How's that for versatility? 

MR-1 Only $199.99

BB-1-Rider Blade Blocker
for Riding Mowers and most Stand-on Mowers
Operator controlled mower deck discharge baffle
The first and only discharge baffle designed to maintain compliance by operating in conjunction with the factory installed discharge shield on your mower. 
With Blade Blocker on your mower you can quickly open and close the baffle from your seat. Just think, no more blowing grass clippings off of mulched areas or vehicles. Your properties will look much better the first time you use Blade Blocker, and your labor to clean up will be considerably reduced! Best of all your customers will not complain about grass clippings in freshly mulched areas. The unique design incorporates a multitude of features that provide versatility and adjustability. Blade Blocker installs on practically any "zero turn" or "stand on" mower.

BB-1 Only $269.99

Blower Rack - Combination Racks - Water Cooler Racks - Trimmer Line holder 
racks and More!

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